Cosmetic Dermatology

Laser Hair Removal

Dr Ratna's Clinic understands the importance of a clean hairless body. Our advanced laser technology surpasses the outdated hair removal processes of shaving, waxing and applying creams. We offer painless permanent hair removal solution.

How does it works?

The laser energy is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair and transmitted down the hair shaft, disrupting the hair root growth mechanism. The laser disrupts the hairs that are principally in the active growth phase at the time of treatment.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

-The FDA has approved this technology for permanent hair reduction.

-You experience no down time. Resume regular activities immediately.

-Less pain and discomfort compared to other treatment methods.

-Large areas can be treated quickly.

-Chance of scarring and pigmentation changes is minimized.

The Complete Solution for Laser Hair Removal

The latest generation of the award-winning Soprano laser hair removal system, Soprano ICE is used by advanced hair removal clinics and leading physicians around the world.

The Soprano ICE platform represents a new era in laser hair removal technology and treatment methods. By incorporating multiple laser wavelengths and technologies, Soprano ICE allows you to treat the widest range of patients and hair types quickly and painlessly, all year round.

-Virtually Painless

-Proven Safety Record

-All Skin Types

-Tanned Skin

-Full Coverage Rate

Soprano ICE features Alma’s unique AlexTM Technology which combines the high absorption benefits of the Alexandrite 755nm wavelength with the treatment coverage, comfort and low maintenance of the diode laser. Advanced ICETM technology cools the skin during treatment for longer periods of time, minimizing the risk of burns while maintaining heat within the dermis where hair follicles are treated. Whether you have light, dark or tanned skin, coarse or fine hair, Alma’s hair removal solutions achieve maximum results for all areas of the body with treatments that are safe, quick and best of all- virtually painless.

Is the treatment Painful?

This is a common initial concern for most patients. The treatment is generally not painful, some patients describe the treatment as a sensation like the snap of a rubber band. Topical anesthetic cream is an option for more sensitive areas.

How many treatments will be needed?

Laser treatment impairs the growth of hair follicles when they are in the growth (or anagen) cycle at the time of treatment. Unfortunately, not all hair follicles are at this stage at the same time. Therefore, for effective permanent hair removal, most people require approximately 5 to 7 treatment sessions to achieve the desired results.

How long will the procedure take and is the result permanent?

This varies depending on the area of the body. Treatments can take anything from 1 minute to 1 hour. Results vary depending on skin and hair type. Studies have shown that many patients can achieve permanent hair loss of up to 85-90% and remaining hair returns lighter and softer.